The Company had received the award for the 'Best EOU' (export-oriented unit) in the non-SSI category (plastic products) from the Export promotion Council for EOUs and SEZs Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India.

Award for Best EOU

Based on the outstanding export performance of erstwhile SAPL in 2007-08, erstwhile SAPL was given the award for the best EOU (Non-SSI category: plastic products) by the Export Promotion Council for EOUs & SEZs, Ministry of Commerce & industry, Government of India.

Export Award

Erstwhile SAPL received the second prize for the Export Award for the years 2007-08 and 2008-2009 in the product category of plastic polymers by the Plastics Export Promotion Council, Mumbai.

National Energy Conservation Award

Erstwhile SAPL was awarded the Commendation Certificate for its efforts in energy conservation in the petrochemical sector for 2009, by the Ministry of Power, New Delhi.

Environmental Excellence Award

Erstwhile SAPL was awarded the Environmental Excellence Award (large-scale industry sector) from the WBPCB, in recognition of its efforts to protect and preserve the environment through proactive environmental management practices during 2007.


Second Best Exporter Award, 2009 : 2010
National Energy Conservation Award, 2009
Best EOU Export Performance Award 2008 : 09
Second Best Exporter Award, 2008 : 2009
Best EOU Export Performance Award 2007 : 08
Second Best Exporter Award, 2007 : 2008
Environment Excellence Award, 2007
Best EOU Export Perfomance Award 2006 : 2007